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Asus Sentelic touchpad tweaks

Currently I’m on holiday and I’m not supposed to work, but I felt fed up with partying and decided to do some coding. Usually I do my coding on my Dell desktop but at the moment it is pretty far away so I stuck with my asus ux31 zenbook. It is a really lightweight yet powerful machine, but it is not optimal for doing serious work. The main reason behind it is the touchpad being absolutely useless with Windows 7 (i know, you vim and emacs geeks are looking down on me at the moment but thats how it is: i use Windows and Eclipse and I’m proud of it). Long story short, I decided to tweak the touchpad as much as possible to make it usable. The result is far from the Macbook’s touchpad experience but it is usable. Here is what I did:

  • Removed the existing Sentelic driver and rebooted windows (windows will install a general plug-and-play touchpad driver)
  • Ran CCleaner to fix up the usual registry mess happening after playing with drivers
  • Downloaded the latest (atmĀ Sentelic driver from here and installed it (reboot windows afterwards)
  • In Mouse Properties > Pointer options I set the pointer speed to be 3 notches from the right
  • In Mouse Properties > Wheel I reduced the Vertical scrolling to be 1
  • In the Finger Sensing Pad options I turned off Type Detection, On pad click and every guestures except: 2F straight up and 2F straight down
  • As a last step i run the registry editor (Start > run regedit) and changed HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/AVC/FSP/GearIndex to be 9. I’m not sure if it makes any difference but it supposed to make the pointer movement much smoother even if the pointer speed is set to fairly fast

With these tweaks the touchpad operates in a usable manner. Hope it helps for someone