We are the worst people so far

We have the most amazing technology… “and it is wasted on the sh*ttiest generation of piece of sh*t assholes of all time”

People are stupid, they really are. Especially users. Usually I don’t mind if someone asks me stupid questions, or react to something I do rudely or stupidly. What pisses me off is when someone is not making an effort to figure out the answer by himself before asking. Or making an opposing comment on something I post without reasoning.

I own a couple of quite large communities and the users sometimes scare me. One of the communities is a Facebook fan┬ápage with like 350k, mostly Hungarian fans. To be honest the page is not aimed to the most educated audience but sometimes their stupidity freaks me out. For example yesterday I posted a funny picture about a laughing Jesus with a caption “Yes, your girlfriend is saying my name while having sex” (i believe in loads of things Jesus and the Christian god is not one of them). I expected some Christian comments but not this. One of the guys commented:

God will punish you! If I would know who are you I would beat you to death with crowbar

WTF man? That is very Christian of you. This way we will truly get your point. Rock on.

My other community is a social network built around TV shows and movies. Members can watch them, comment them, like them, etc. About 800.000 people using it monthly and the feedback is mostly positive. Then sometimes I get “error reports” like this:

“You f*cking asshole. I can’t watch Twilight on my mobile. You better fix it”

How on earth I owe you something? The service is free of charge, you haven’t lost any money by not being able to watch (the lamest ever) movie. Of course if you ask me politely I will try to figure out a solution for you but not like this.

I think these people are not behaving like this in the “real world”. I think most people don’t understand that when you are communicating with someone online is exactly the same as talking to someone on the street. You don’t say “Nice tits” to a hot girl on the street at broad daylight, but some people do comment stuff like that on Facebook. You don’t go up on the stage after an amazing guitar solo to tell the guitarist “you are a wanker, Slash is way better”, but some (apparently most) people do it on Youtube.

Anyway, sometimes I wish browsers would implement an initial IQ or EQ test before letting anyone to surf the web, even if ad revenues would drop (stupid people tend to click more ads)

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